With Babar : Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana

continued their travels. During these travels, the Guru visited Eminabad, once more. This time also he went to Bhai Lalo’s house. He lived and dined with him as before.

After some time, Babar fell upon Eminabad. He wanted to become emperor of India. He had conquered many places already. He wanted to conquer Eminabad also. The rulers and the people of that place fought well. But they were defeated. Many of them were killed. Others were taken prisoners. Their houses were looted.

The poor, unhappy people were made to carry their own looted property to Babar’ s camp.

Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana

were also taken prisoner. The Guru was given a load to carry. Bhai Mardan was told to take care of a horse.

Guru Nanak’s heart was filled with sadness. He was sad not because he had to carry a heavy load. He was sad to see the condition of the people around him. They were unhappy. He wanted to make them a little less unhappy. He began to sing a sweet, holy song in praise of God. All who heard the song became a little less unhappy. They began to think of God.

A large number of them forgot their sorrow. They dried their tears. They became calm. They thanked the holy man for his sweet, holy song.

On reaching the camp, all were made to grind corn. Guru Nanak was also given a handmill and some corn to grind. He saw the unhappy people around him. His heart was filled with pity. He began to sing again. The prisoners forgot their sorrow. They forgot their handmills. They sat with folded hands, listening to the Guru’s sweet, holy songs of God. The handmills went on working as before.

Babar’s men saw this strange thing.

They were filled with wonder. They ran to Babar. They told him what they had seen.

Babar went to the prison at once. He saw Guru Nanak sitting with closed eyes, singing in a sweet voice. All other prisoners were sitting with folded hands. They were listening to his song.

Babar also stood listening. He did not understand the meaning of the song.

But he liked it. The Guru stopped singing after a time. He opened his eyes. Babar said to him, ‘What were you singing, O holy fakir ?’

Guru Nanak replied, ‘I was calling upon God to see what you have done.

You have killed innocent men, women and children. You have looted .their homes. Now you make them do hard work for you. They did you no harm.

Why should you be so cruel to them ? God is the Father of all. He is your Father as well as theirs. I am calling upon Him to see what you are doing to His innocent children.’

Guru Nanak’s words touched Babar’s heart. He felt ashamed. He felt sad.

He felt sorry for what he had done. He bowed to the Guru. He wanted to please the Guru. He said, ‘O holy man, what can I do for you ?’ Guru Nanak replied, ‘Set all you prisoners free. Return their property to them.’

Babar did all this. Then he said to the Guru, ‘Do one act of kindness for me. I wish to become emperor of India. Pray for me.’

The Guru replied, ‘Your wish shall be fulfilled. But you must be a just and kind ruler. You should do your best to make your people happy. Be a good man. Do not drink wine. Do not gamble. Respect holy men. Be merciful to those whom you defeat. Be specially kind to women and children. Above all, always remember God. Do nothing that might displease Him.’

Babar agreed to act as advised by the Guru.