The Revelation : Guru Teg Bahadur Ji

Guru Tegh Bahadur had said that truth is truth and cannot be hidden for long. One day, it was revealed to the world in a miraculous way, just as Guru Tegh Bahadur had


In the town of Punjab, there lived a merchant by the name of Makhan Shah. He was a rich businessman, and an ardent devotee of the Guru. He was a shipping magnate whose ships of merchandise and other goods used to go to far-off countries. One day, while sailing, his ship was suddenly caught in a storm on the high sea. He grew panicky when he felt his ship slowly sinking.

Immediately, he thought of his Guru and prayed to him. He also promised to make an offering of five hundred mohars or gold coins to his Guru whenever he reached Bakala. As if by miracle, the storm calmed down and his ship was steady again.

When an elated Makhan Shah landed at Bakala, he was really sad to learn of the demise of the Guru, and more so, of the numerous claimants to the holy seat of the Guru. He was in a fix for sometime but finally hit upon a solution. He decided to make an offering of five gold coins to all the claimants, and whoever knew that he had 500 in mind, would be the real Guru.

He fiirst reached Dhir Mai who happily accepted the offering of five mohars, and so did all the others. He finally went to Guru Tegh Bahadur with a heavy heart. When he put five coins in his hands Guru Tegh Bahadur immediately looked up, and

reproached him for going back on his promise of 500 mohars. Makhan Shah fell at his Guru’s feet, and cried with joy. Then he ran out and climbing the roof of the house, shouted ecstatically that he had found the true Guru. Hearing him a large crowd gathered^and people left everything and ran to have darshan of the true Guru. He was then jubilantly installed at the seat of the Guru. It was on March 20^1665.

When Dhir Mai heard of Tegh Bahadur becoming the Guru he was stung with jealousy. He began plotting against Guru Tegh Bhadur in various ways. When

everything else failed he conspired with his men to kill the Guru, and plunder his house.

With 500 men, Dhir Mai attacked and raided the house of the Guru. One of his men fired at the Guru, and injured his shoulder before running away with the booty.

Seeing this, Makhan Shah and his

brother-in-law, Kirpal Chand, retaliated and attacked Dhir Mai’s house. They not only bought back the Guru’s property but the Granth Sahib too. Guru Tegh Bahadur, however, did not approve of this act of vengeance and asked Dhir Mai to be set free and his property returned to himi. He forgave Dhir Mai and his accomplices, and told his followers that the sacred name of God was the greatest wealth they possessed. He told them that everything except that name was transient and perishable. Soon after this Dhir Mai left Bakala, and went to Kartarpur.

As time passed, Guru Tegh Bahadur

began preaching his sermons regularly to the people. He told them that the main cause of man’s restlessness was his feeling of discontent with whatever he possesses. It is the desire to acquire more than he already has, that sows the seeds of discontent and unhappiness.

He taught them that pleasure was nothing but absence of this feeling of discontent, which leaves the mind pure and peaceful.

This was the state of anand or bliss. On the other hand, trishna or desire caused restlessness.