THE Guru’s Coronation : Guru Amar das JI

Under Guru Angad, Amardas grasped the spirit of true religion. Once Bhai Amardas, during a course of talks, requested the Guru to reserve the Guru’s gaddi for his eldest son little knowing that he himself was the first choice of the Guru. The Guru replied that only the most deserving would get it.

When Guru Angad, the second Guru, forsaw his death he appointed Bhai Amardas as his successor. He sent for five copper coins and a coconut, and washed Amardas with his own hands, put new clothes on him and installed him in the Guru’s seat. He placed the five copper coins and the coconut before him and asked Bhai Budha to apply tilak on his forehead. Thus Bhai Amardas became the worthy successor of the throne of Guru Nanak.

Amardas was a tall, sturdy old man — a symbol of love and labour. He had a knot of silver hair on top and white beard flowing down like a beam of moonlight. He was seventy-three years old at the time. He lived in great simplicity save for two single sets of clothes, he gave away all his other possessions.

The place where Guru Amardas’s

anointment took place is called Thara Sahib.

A gurdwara has been built there.