The Deliverer : Guru Har Gobind Ji Stories

The friendship between Guru Har Gobind Ji and Emperor Jahangir did not last long. The latter did not like the independent character of the Guru.

The bigot nobles, who had brought him to the throne, forced him to keep Guru Har Gobind far from the Punjab. They argued that the Muslims had been becoming his disciples. They said that theMuslim girls had been marrying the Hindu youngmen. To arrest this trend the Guru must be sent away from the Punjab.

The Guru had many Muslims 2s his friends.

There were many Muslim saihts, who admired him and held him in great esteem. But Jahangir did not try to find out the facts. In order to please his co-religious fanatics, he arrested Guru Har Gobind Ji. He deported him to the Fort of Gwaliar.

The Sikhs were very sad. Their Guru was in the Fort of Gwaliar. He was a prisoner. They could not have his pious sight in Amritsar. They began to visit the Gwaliar Fort. Groups after groups of the devotees started their march towards Gwaliar.

They were not allowed to see their favourite spiritual Guide. They kissed the walls of the Fort.

They peeped inside to have the glimpse of their saviour. For days, they waited for the sight of their Guru. The imperial troops and other people were impressed by their devotion to the Guru.

There were fifty two rulers (Rajas) imprisoned there in the Gwaliar Fort. They were not treated well. They were not provided with sufficient food.

Guru Har Gobind was supplied enough food. He shared his food with the Rajas. He consoled them.

He advised them to repeat the name of God. He taught them to have faith in God. He said that God would surely come to their help. He would bring an end to the days of their sufferings.

The company of Guru Har Gobind provided

them with relief. They joined him in his daily prayers. Their minds ceased crying over their misfortunes. They found in the Guru, the Lord, who had come to deliver them out of the confines of the Fort. He had come to enable them to leave the hateful stone walls for the fresh air outside.

Sai Mian Mir, the holy Sufi saint of Lahore, and some other wise men told Jahangir that it was not just on his part to keep a holy man imprisoned.

The devotion of the Sikhs for their Guru also had impressed him. Thus, after two years of prison life, Guru Har Gobind was ordered to be released by Jahangir.

The jail officials said to the Guru, “Holy Lord!

You are released by the Emperor. You are free to move out of the Fort and proceed to the Punjab”.

Hearing the release of the Guru, the fifty two rulers (Rajas) were disappointed. They had forgotten their sufferings in the company of the Guru. They were being treated considerably better in the company of the Guru. They thought that they would have to fall back into the bad old days.

The Guru pacified their minds. He consoled them saying that he would not leave- the prison without them. He sent a message to the Emperor that he would not leave the prison alone. He would take out the Rajas with him. The Emperor ordered that all those Rajas who could catch hold of the Guru’s hands and dress, would be freed.

At it the Guru got prepared a large shirt with fifty strings attached to it. Two rulers held the hands of the Guru, and each of the remaining fifty caught hold of each string of theGuru’s shirt. Thus,all the fifty two prisoners came out of the Fort along with the Guru. Indeed, they were very thankful to the Guru. As the Guru had got the release of 52 prisoners, he was called (Bandi Chhore) the deliverer by the obliged Rajas and the people at large.