Shrines of Guru Angad Dev : Guru Angad Dev Ji

Khadur Sahib is a small village in Amritsar district where Guru Angad had spent his early years. Later when he became a Guru, he made Khadur Sahib his headquarters for propagating the tenets of Sikh religion, and giving his sermons. A spacious gurdwara had been built at the site where the Guru was cremated. Thousands of devotees visit this sacred shrine everyday to pay homage to their Guru.

Mai Akhara – This is a beautiful building with domes and a big hall. It has been made for those devotees who go to visit the sacred site where Guru Angad had simplified the Gurmukhi script.

On the outskirts of this village, there is another gurdwara with a large compound and a mango grove where Guru Angad used to meditate.

Today, the followers of Sikh religion regard Guru Angad Dev as a person of fine character, piety and devotion. He was an intense preacher with a keen sensitivity. He could perceive the problems of the people and solved them to the best of his ability. He had a very balanced view towards the propagation of the Sikh religion. His modification of the Gurmukhi script shows that he was a learned man.

Guru Angad guided the Sikh movement when it was still in its infancy and fraught with dangers and uncertainty. But under his wise guidance, this movement took on an unparalleled momentum, and soon became a part of the nation’s religious set up. The Sikh religion was clarified, and its hymns recorded for the benefit of the masses. He really and truly carried on the tradition started by Guru Nanak, and was truly his worthy successor.