Return of the Guru : Guru Amar Das JI

While the Guru was away, Datu ceased the opportunity and began to publicise to all that he was their Guru. He even demanded that all Sikhs pay their respects and offer their gifts to him, as they did to Guru Amardas before. But the Sikhs were not to be misled.

They had respected and loved their Guru for too long and knew that he was their real Guru. Someone like Datu could come nowhere close to him.

The people began to miss Guru Amardas, and as the days passed they grew restless.

Seeing Datu seated on the throne of Guru Angad, they began to hold him in contempt, and no one bothered showing him any respect. They were determined to get their beloved Guru back. They searched far and wide and prayed for him, but there was no clue about where he was. In utter desperation they decided to go to Bhai Budha and seek his help.

Bhai Budha understood the feelings of the Sikhs for Guru Amardas, and decided to help them find him. He sat down in deep

meditation and concentrated hard to find out the whereabouts of the Guru, while all the Sikhs waited hopefully before him. When he finally opened his eyes, he suggested that the mare, which was one of Guru Amardas’s favourite possessions be released, and he asked the Sikhs to follow her. He said that only she could lead them to their Guru. The Sikhs bowed to him and thanked him for his help. They then begged him to accompany them, since they knew they would need his help getting the Guru back after such a long time. Seeing their determination and their impatience, Bhai Budha agreed to go with them.

The Sikhs then let the mare loose and began following her for days. Finally, the mare stopped before a small hut in the village of Basarke. When the Sikhs read the instruction on the door, they were glad that they had found the Guru, but were also hesitant to enter.

They again turned to Bhai Budha and pleaded with him to show them the way. Bhai Budha then suggested that they break in from the back of the hut since that way they would not be disobeying the instruction in any way.

The Sikhs did as they were told and entered from the back. And before the Guru could say anything, Bhai Budha came forward and, on behalf of their Sikhs, reasoned with the Guru.

He told Guru Amardas that Guru Angad had left the Sikh community to his care and now it was wrong to turn his back on them. He rebuked the Guru for punishing them for Datu’s misbehaviour. The Sikhs then begged him to return to Goindwal and take over as the Guru of the Sikhs.

Bhai Budha also described how Datu was ill-treating the Sikhs and setting a bad example. By shirking from his responsiblity, he had allowed Datu to undo all that Guru Nanak and Guru Angad had so laboriously done for the Sikhs. The Guru then realised that the Sikhs needed him, and he would rather lay down his life than let his Sikhs down. He returned to Goindwal.

Even today, the broken wall at the back of the house in Basarke stands just as it was. No attempt has been made to repair it. Today it is a pilgrimage site for the Sikhs.

Datu’s Fate

Meanwhile, Datu who was being ignored by the whole Sikh community also heard of the return of Guru Amardas. He knew that the Guru’s return meant that there was no future for him at Goindwal. So he decided to return to Khadur. Since he was the one to accept defeat graciously, he collected all the valuables that belonged to the Guru, loaded them on to his mule and left for Khadur.

He had barely left Goindwal, when he was attacked by a band of robbers. They looted him and beat him up badly. One of the robbers hit his leg so hard that his foot was badly injured. It was the same foot with which he had hit Guru Amardas. Within no time, the foot swelled up so badly that Datu could not walk without feeling pain. It is believed that he had to put up with the pain for the rest of his life.

Back in Goindwal, the news of Guru’s return had spread and people thronged the streets to welcome him back. Guru Amardas was indeed glad to be back, and realised how much he had missed his Sikhs. Within no time he resumed his duties by attending to the various needs of the Sikhs. He looked after their emotional, spiritual and social needs helped them integrate, once more, as a community under his spiritual leadership.

Faith in God

Gradually, Goindwal became a flourishing town. People from other communities also settled here including the Muslims. The Muslim youth harassed the non-Muslims on some pretext or the other. They pelted stones on the Sikhs who went to fetch water for the Guru’s household, by breaking their earthern pots. The matter was brought to the Guru’s notice. He asked the complainants to replace the earthern pots with skin receptacles or metal pots. This did not discourage the Muslim youths. They damaged the pots with arrows. The Guru had taken a vow never to adopt means of violence as a retaliatory measure. So he advised patience and faith in God.

A group of sanyasis happened to pass through Goindwal one day, and some Muslim youths misbehaved with them. A scuffle followed resulting in many casualties. There was peace in town for sometimes, but again the Muslim started the same practice. Every incident was brought to the knowldege of the Guru and he advised his disciples not to take law into their hands. Sooner or later God will give justice.

A Mughal force was carrying treasure from Lahore to Delhi. While passing through Goindwal one of their mules was lost. It was carrying the state treasure. The soldiers searched everywhere, but could not find the missing creature. An announcement in this regard was made in town. But no one came forward with any worthwhile information.

The mule which had been hidden in the Muslim quarters started braying in captivity.

A search was conducted in the Muslim locality by the soldiers who even demolished many houses and took some muslims to prison. This is how God helped by giving justice.