Preparing for a Successor : Guru Angad Dev Ji

The Guru’s sons, Dasu and Datu, were always in service of Guru Angad Dev, but he was more satisfied with his disciple Amardas’s, service. Thus, continuing the tradition of Guru Nanak, he also named a disciple, other than his sons, as his successor.

One day, Guru Angad said that his life was drawing to a close and that he must depart soon. He was also confident of Amardas’s piety and devotion. So, like his own Guru, he too sent for a coconut and five paise coin. He placed these before him while Bhai Budha put the tilak of guruship on his forehead. Thus, Guru Amardas was duly and solemnly appointed as Guru Angad Dev’s successor.

On March 28,1552, Guru Angad gave a feast to his disciples, and once again preached all the principles and tenets of Sikh religion.

On the following day he rose before dawn, bathed and changed into new clothes for his final departure. He then ordered Guru Amardas to live in the town of Goindwal, and spread the Sikh religion to the best of his ability. He then passed away peacefully after having been a Guru for twelve-and-a-half years.

Guru Amardas consoled the followers present on this sad occasion by saying, “Guru Angad is imperishable and immortal. It is a law of the body to be born and to die, but the soul is different… And so, the man who possesseth divine knowledge hath no apprehension of further transmigration.”