Meeting with the Emperor : Guru Ram Das Ji

It was during this time that Guru Amardas received a summon from Emperor Akbar to appear in the Mughal court. He had received complaints that the Sikh Guru was maligning the Hindu faith and misleading the people.

He wanted the Guru to explain himself. After a lot of t hinking, Guru Amardas deputed Bhai Jetha to go and represent him in Akbar’s court.

On reaching there, Bhai Jetha not only pacified the Hindu priests and scholars gathered there, but also impressed everyone in the Mughal court with his wide knowledge of the Hindu mythology and the Vedas. He explained that the Sikh faith did not deny that a man could cleanse his body by bathing in the holy waters of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati, but it also believed that a man’s mind could become pure only in the company of learned and holy men. Bhai Jetha also read out lines from their holy book and explained its meaning to the emperor and others present in the court. No one could refute him as it advocated oneness of God and

brotherhood of man. He went on to describe how their religion tried to inspire love and devotion in everyone, and that instead of maligning any particular religion it strove to bring Hindus and Muslims together. He also stated that their Guru believed that all men are equal, regardless of the caste they were born into.

When Akbar heard all this he was deeply moved, and found great similarity between his own way of thinking and that of the Guru.

More so, this was exactly what he wanted to bring about through his new religion, Din-iilahi y which would bring people together.

The emperor realised that the religion posed no threat to the Mughal kingdom as informed to him by his courtiers. Instead, he was pleased to know that such a peace-loving and secular religion existed in the country.

He even felt honoured to be acquainted with a learned man like Bhai Jfetha, and expressed his respects for the Guru. He acquitted Bhai Jetha with full honours, and sent his regards to Guru Amardas through his esteemed disciple.