In Search of God : Guru Ram Das Ji

As Jetha grew up, he began to appreciate the simple things in life. He wanted to know more about God and the different religions of the world. He would often ask his parents all sorts of questions about things he could not understand such as the caste system, the scriptures, the creation of the world and the like. When his parents were unable to provide satisfactory answers, he would turn to the learned men who could.

The search for answers led Jetha to

priests, to scholars, and other holy men who happened to pass Chuna Mandi. He began finding their discourses so intersting that he would spend more and more time with them.

At first his parents encourged him hoping that he would become a better person through his association with holy men. But as he grew up they began to get worried. They realised that Jetha was spending more time with these men than on his vocation. They feared that he would become an ascetic, if he continued mixing with the holy men. Thus, they asked him to take up some work so that he could earn a living, and get involved in household affairs. Though Jetha was not interested in all this, he nevertheless obeyed his parents.

He asked them what he was supposed to do.

His mother thought hard. It so happened that their neighbour used to peddle roasted gram in the nearby market, and earn reasonably well from it. Daya Kaur decided that her son could do the same. When they told Jetha about it, he agreed dutifully.

On the very next day, Daya Kaur prepared a bagful of roasted gram and gave it to Jetha to sell. Taking their leave, Jetha went on his errand with his wares. But as he passed by the bank of the river Ravi he happened to see a group of yogis (holy men). Pleased to see them he decided to stop by, and pay his respects. During the course of their conversation he gathered that none of them had eaten anything since morning, and had no hope of fi nding anything to eat for the rest of the day. Jetha was so pained after hearing this that he decided not to go to the market at all. Instead he offered the yogis his bag of grams. As the hungry yogis began eating the grams they thanked young Jetha, and blessed him. It pleased Jetha to have fed the hungry yogis who otherwise would have gone to sleep on an empty stomach. But then he suddenly realised that his parents would be very upset when they would hear that instead of selling the grams, he had donated it to a group of yogis. He was still wondering what to do when he spotted a group of Sikhs passing. He learned that they were heading towards Goindwal to pay their respects to Guru Amardas, who was the third Guru of the Sikhs.

When Jetha heard this he was so thrilled at the prospect of meeting the Guru that he immediately decided to join the group, instead of going back home. To him, nothing seemed more important than seeing the Guru in person, and seeking his blessings. He left Lahore without giving it a second thought, and eagerly looked forward to meeting the Guru.