Humbled, Pundit Krishan Chand : Guru Har Krishan Ji

Guru Har Krishan accepted the invitation of Raja Jai Singh. He left Kiratpur for Delhi. A large crowd of Sikh Sangat accompanied the Guru on his journey to Delhi. The Guru’s motherland some other reverend ladies were also to accompany the procession.

The Guru broke his journey at many places on the way. At every halt, he advised people to lead an honest, simple and truthful life, keep faith in God, repeat His name, share the pains and suffer- ings.Qf their fellow brethren, to do good and always keep God in mind. People listened to his words of wisdom with devotion.

By and by, the caravan reached a village named Pajokhara^ near Ambala. There arrangements were made for the halt of the Guru’s entourage.

Tents were pitched up. The camp of the Guru presented the look of a royal resting pJace.

There was a learned Brahman named Krishan, who lived in the village. He saw the pomp and show of the camp. The seed of doubt sprouted in his mind. He wanted to test if the child Guru was gifted with spiritual powers. He saw the Sikhs devotionally serving the child Guru. He said to one of the Sikhs,” You hold your Guru in so great an esteem.

His name is Har Krishan. Seeing your faith in him, one can think that he is ‘Avatar 5 like Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna had given us the teachings contained in the sacred book Bhagvad Gita. I think, your child Guru Sri Har Krishan will not be able to know even the meanings of thoughts contained in the sacred book. If he is a true Guru, let him discuss the Gita and the thoughts contained in the book with me”.

The Sikh came to the camp of the Guru. He related to the Guru what’ the Brahman had said.

He also told the Guru that the tone of the Brahman was derogatory towards the Guru and he was arrogant. The Guru heard all that the Sikh had said. He did not lose his calm. He smiled and told the Sikh to bring the Brahman respectfully in his presence. The Sikh went out. He came back accompanied by the Brahman.

The Brahman did not show any respect to the Guru. He took his seat and said/1 have come to discuss the philosophy of Gita with you. I doubt, whether you know the meanings of the thoughts contained in the Gita”.

The Guru said, “Pundit Jee, please go and bring any man you think to be totally ignorant and illiterate from the village. By the grace of God, he will discuss the Gita with you”.

The Brahman thought that it was a plausible excuse putforth by the Guru. As he wanted to test the spiritual powers of the Guru, he left for the village to bring an unlettered and idiotic man.

The Brahman came across a simple man. His names was Chhajju. He belonged to a low caste of water carrier and had never been to any school.

For him a black word was like the figure of a baffaloe. Krishan, the Brahman, brought Chhajju ” Jhiwar with him. The Guru touched the edge of his stick with the head of Chhajju and then asked the Brahman.” Chhajju has now become a more learned scholar than you. You will see, how much powers the house of Guru Nanak possesses.

Chhajju will discuss even the minutest details with you about Bhagwad Gita”.

Krishan, the Brahman and Chhajju, already blessed by the touch of the Guru, discussed the philosophy of Srimad Bhagwad Gita. Chhajju explained everything to the satisfaction of the learned Brahman. The discourse lasted for an hour or so. Finally, the Brahman submitted. He accepted his defeat. The light of knowledge shown by Chhajju dazzled the Brahman. He was totally convinced that Guru Har Krishan was the true Guru blessed with spiritual powers. He bowed his head before the Guru. He felt remorse for his disrespect shown to the Guru. He begged his pardon. He became his Sikh.

The Guru advised him, “Do not feel porud of your learning,, Humility, not pride, should become part of your character. Earn your bread by honest means. Share your earnings with the needy. Always remember God and service to His men should be your ideal for your future life”.

After reforming Krishan, the Brahman, the Guru marched onwards to Delhi. At Panjokhra the Guru asked the Sikh Sangat to go back to their villages and Kiratpur. He urged upon them to obey him injunction. Very few Sikhs and the ladies including Guru’s mother went along with him to Delhi. To commemorate the visit of the Guru to Panjokhra, a Gurdwara stands there as witness to it.