Humayun and Guru Angad : Guru Angad Dev Ji

Guru Angad’s meeting with Emperor Humayun forms a very interesting part of the Guru’s biography.

It is said that Emperor Humayun, after his final defeat at Kanauj came to Khadur to seek the blessings of the Guru.

When Humayun reached there the Guru was in meditation, and consequently the emperor had to keep waiting for a long time.

He took it as an insult and was about to draw out his sword, when the Guru saw him.

He remarked that he should have used that sword against Sher Shah Suri, who was his rival, rather than against a man of God.

He reprimanded the emperor saying that he had flc 1 from the battlefield like a coward, and now he was posing as a hero in front of an innocent, religious man.

Humayun was really ashamed of his conduct and begged the Guru’s forgiveness.

The Guru then blessed and assured him that he would get back his kingdom after sometime.