Guru Nanak: The Child

Guru Nanak was not like other children. He did not waste his time in idle talk. He never did anything bad or naughty. He was not fond of costly cloths. He liked simple food and simple dress. He was good and kind. He spent his time in doing good to others. He loved everybody and he loved the poor most of all. He helped then whenever he could. He often gave them food, cloths and money. Above all, he gave them his love. This always made him happy.

Guru Nanak was a very active and healthy child. He was always smiling and cheerful. He liked to run about and play with other children. He had quite a number of playmates. All of them were fond of him. They looked upon him as their leader.

young guru nanak dev ji

He, too was very fond of his playmates. Sometimes he used to take them to his house. There he would ask his mother to give them sweets. Mata Tripta was a kink lady. She readily brought out sweets for her dear son’s playmates. He himself gave the sweets to his friends. He took pleasure in serving others in this way.

He often played games with his friends. But he did not play such games as hockey, cricket, football or tennis. Such games were not known in those days. He used to play games like Kabadi (tip-cat) and hide and seek. He also ran races with his playmates. None could beat him at these games.

He was the best player. He ran faster than all his playmates and he was the fastest runner.

Sometimes, he played a strange new games. It showed his love for God. For that game he chose a green and grassy place near a pond. The pond was quite near his home.

He took his seat at the chosen grassy place. He made his comrades sit before him in a half circle. Then he said to them, ‘Brothers, let us play a new, good, and useful game. Let us sing the name of God. I shall lead you with my song. You will all sing after me as I do. Do you agree, my brothers? ‘Yes, yes’ they said in one voice.

Guru Nanak The Child

Then he began singing, ‘Dahann Nirankar Sat Kartar!’ This means God’s formless & He is truth. All his comrades sang after him as he did.

His voice was clear and sweet. Soon, he began to sing louder and louder. His comrades also raised their voices louder and louder.

This song was heard by all who passed that way. Many people would stop to listen. Some of them would go near the singing party. Sometimes they would also start singing with children.

Rai Bular had often watched this game with pleasure. He began to love Guru Nanak. Later, he built a room there in memory of Guru Nanak’s sacred game. He also changed the pond into a tank. Long afterwards, a beautiful Gurdwara was built at the place. The Gurdwara is called Bal Lila.