Guru Har Krishan Invited to Delhi : Guru Har Krishan Ji

Guru Har Krishan was the youngest son of Guru Har Rai. He was born on July 7, 1656 at Kiratpur.

His elder brother Ram Rai fell from the grace of his father due to his deplorable misdoings at the court of Aurangzeb. The tender hearted Guru Har Rai was so much enraged and hurt that he

declared him (Ram Rai) unfit for the Guruship. He •also forbade him showing his cursed face to the Guru. Guru Har Rai passed away in 1661. Guru Har Krishan had been made the Eighth Guru by his father, Har Rai before his death. He was just a child of five year, but Guru Har Rai found in him all the capabilities and spiritual characteristics essential for the holy office of Guruship.

Guru Har Krishan began to carry out his duties very well. The holy light of Guru Nanak manifested itself in him. He could address the Sikh congregation. He could perform all the relevant duties associated with the holy office.

But Ram Rai did riot honour the decision of his father. He refused to accept Guru Har Krishan as the Guru. He had failed in his previous endeavours to get the Gurugaddi, but he had not been disheartened. He continued his efforts.

He was successful in winning the confidence of some of the nobles at the royal court. With their support, he made another representation to the Emperor to do justice to him in getting the Gurugacldi. So, Aurangzab decided to hear Guru Har Krishan 0 the occupant of the Gurugaddi also.

Mirza Raja Jai Singh of Amber was one of his trusted councillors. He consulted him. The Raja had great respect ancjl regards for the Sikh Gurus.

He suggested that he would request the Guru to visit Delhi. He hoped that the child Guru would accept his invitation. He would visit Delhi and the occasion would provide His Royal Majesty with the chance to see and question the child Guru. The suggestion of Jai Singh pleased the Emperor. He authorised him to invite the child Guru to Delhi.

The Sikhs of Delhi came to know of the invitation extended to Guru Har Krishan. They were glad to know that they would have the good luck to get the sacred glimpse of their Guru. They were very keen to see their Guru. They requested Raja Jai Singh to tell the Guru that the Sangat of Delhi would be delighted to see the Guru among them. They collected a good number of presents to be made over to the Guru.

Ram Rai was also happy. He was hoping to

realise his dream of becoming the Guru, thinking that the Emperor would justify his claim to the Gurugaddi. Ram Rai knew that Guru Har Rai had enjoined upon Har Krishan not to see the face of the Emperor. If he refused to honour the summons, the Imperial army would attack him. On the other hand, if he disobeyed his father’s injunction, he would lose the respect of the Sikhs. He thought that the game was in his favour. He would be able to exploit the situation to his advantage. He would make the Sikhs against him (Guru Har Krishan).

Raja Jai Singh sent his men to Kiratpur along with elephants, horses and carts iladent with many presents for the Guru. The child Guru was sounded about the invitation of the Emperor. He bluntly refused to visit the royal court. He was then told that the invitation was from Raja Jai Singh. He was also told that the Sangat of Delhi was very desirous of seeing him.

The child Guru then agreed to go to Delhi. He said to his mother and the anxious Sikhs, “Dispel all fears or doubts from your heart. It is the will of God that will prevail. We must honour what pleases Him.”

Then there was a meeting of the senior Sikhs and the Guru’s mother, Mata Sulakhni. After thinking over the matter for sometime, finally it was decided that the Guru should visit Delhi only as the guest of Raja Jai Singh . He would meet the Sikh Sangat at Delhi. He would not visit the royal court nor would he see Emperor Aurangzeb.

Raja Jai Singh’s men agreed to the conditions.

They assured that the Guru would stay at the bungalow of Raja Jai Singh as his guest. He would not be forced to present himself in the royal court.

Thus, it was decided that the Guru along with his mother and a few Sikhs would go to Delhi the next day. –