Guru Har Krishan Discovered : Guru Har Krishan Ji

Emperor Aurangzeb had by then admitted that Guru Har Krishan was the rightful heir to the Gurugaddi. He was curious to know if the child Guru possessed spiritual powers. He had heard that the house of Guru Nanak was endowned with the grace of God. Being suspicious by nature, he wanted to put the Guru into certain tests and thereby find out the truth, He also wanted to know how intelligent the child Guru was.

The Guru had been staying in the bungalow of Raja Jai Singh. That palace was exclusively at the disposal of the Guru and his company. Raja Jai Singh and his queens lived at some other palace.

One day, Aurangzeb spoke his mind to the Raja regarding testing the spiritual powers of the Guru.

He suggested to the Raja to give a simple test to the Guru and report the result to-him. He revealed his scheme saying. “Your queens, queens of other Rajput nobles, and wives of other notable Hindus along with their maid- servants should as3emble at your palace. Some maid-servants should put on fine dress like queens and some of the queens should dress themselves as maid-servants. The Guru be called and asked to recognise your head queen among the assembled crowd of the ladies.

If he succeeded in recognising your head queen, we shall admit that he possesses spiritual powers.”

Raja Jai Singh could not enrage the Emperor.

He agreed to the suggestion and promised to report the revealed result to him.

The queens and maid servants gathered in a big hall. Some were decently dressed,while some others were putting on simple clothes. Raja Jai Singh took the child Guru with him. They reached the palace room where the queen mother (head queen) and other ladies and maid-servants were sitting and talking to one another.

Raja Jai Singh asked Guru Har Krishan. “I shall be pleased if you recognise my head queen among these good women. You should apply your intelligence and find out the head queen”.

Guru Har Krishan found himself surrounded on all sides by the ladies, most of them were equally well dressed.

Guru Har Krishan was holding a stick. He used to keep it as an insignia of religious authority. He touched the first lady with his stick and said, “No, she is not the head queen,” Again he touched another lady with the stick and said, “She is also not the head queen”. Then he proceeded on and sat in the lap of a lady, who was not very decently dressed and said,” She is the head queen. She is the queen mother.”

Although the head queen was dressed in a maid servant’s attire, he recognised her. The head queen and the Raja were happy. They presented the Guru with gifts and sought his blessings.

Raja Jai Singh informed the Emperor that the Guru was successful in recognising the head queen. He added that he was fully convinced that his choice for the Guruship was really right.