From Bakala to Anandpur Sahib : Guru Har Krishan Ji

Makhan Shah Lubana succeeded in discovering the true Guru. Guru Teg Bahadur took the seat of the Guru. He was shouldering all the responsibilities of the office of Guruship. His piety, hospitality and the saintly disposition were well known. Soon crowds of Sikh began visiting him.

Most of the Masands also started recognising him the Guru. They also presented the tithes. Makhan Shah had made valuable offerings. The Guru’s headquarters; then hummed with all sorts of religious activities.

Dhirmal could not bear all that,He was burning with rage. He was not a saint to have control over his base emotions. He provoked his men to attack the Guru and plunder his property. A Masand named Sheehn fired at the Guru. The bullet hit the Guru’s shoulder. Dhirmal’s men ransacked the Guru’s house and took away everything they laid their hand on.

When Makhan Shah heard about the out-

rageous act of Dhirmal, he attacked his house and his men not only took back the Guru’s property but also all that they could find in his house. They even took possession of the Granth Sahib.

The Guru advised them to give back the Granth Sahib and other things, which belonged to Dhirmal. He reminded the Sikhs that the followers of Guru Nanak never cast their greedy looks on anything that belonged to others. He also advised them that they should have control over the mean emotions like lust, anger greed, debased attachment and pride.

The Guru stayed at Bakala for some time. The chain of visiting Sikh Sangat was going on. The Guru and the Sikhs celebrated the festival of Diwali at Baba Bakala. He, then, decided to visit Amritsar and other places which had become sacred because of the activities of the previous Gurus there.

The Guru and the Sikh Sangat, inculding Makhan Shah Lubana, reached Amritsar on November 22,1664. The management of Darbar Sahib Amritsar was under the stewardship of Har Ji. Har Ji was the son of Meharban and the grandson of Prithi Chand.

Hearing the arrival of the Guru, Har Ji locked the doors of Darshani Deodi. Finding the entry doors closed, Guru Teg Bahadur seated himself on a platform near the building of Akal Takhat Then the Guru and the Sikhs had their bath in the tank of nectar. They formed the assembly. The Guru took his seat on the platform. The assembly of the Sikhs listened to his words full of divine wisdom.

They all recited the Gurbani and said the prayer.

Makhan Shah consulted the Guru saying, “If you give your consent, we shall deal with Har Ji and party, as we have dealt with Dhirmal and his men.

We shall straighten them right to hand over the keys of Darbar Sahib to you.” But Guru Teg Bahadur did not agree with Makhan Shah and restrained him from doing anything that might bring dishonour to the sanctity of Darbar Sahib.

Before dusk the Guru left for the village Walla.

The villagers served him with the utmost humility.

They sought his advice to explain how they could escape the fear of death. What means they should adopt to sail away safely through the stormy occean of the world. The Guru said, “God’s name is the only mean. He is not far away. He resides in your heart. As there is fragrance in the flower, so is God in our being. As we see our reflection in the mirror, so we should see God’s shadow in every heart. Thus, we should never hurt, the heart of any man with our hard and unkind behaviour”. The Guru stayed at the village Walla for three days.

Then he visited some other places including Tarn Taran.

Guru Har Gpbind, Guru Har Rai and Guru Har Krishan had made Kiratpur as their headquarters.

Thefarsighted Guru Teg Bahadur foreguessed the feud and jealousry, he had to face from his relatives there. So, he did not make Kiratpur his seat.

Instead, he purchased the village of Makhowal from the Raja of Kahloor. It was just a few kilometres from Kiratpur. This place was surrounded by the hills. The atmosphere was attractive and strategically it was ideal for defence.

Guru Teg Bahadur was deeply attached to his mother, Mata Nanaki. She had moulded the personality of Guru Teg Bahadur to a great extent.So, Guru Teg Bahadur named Makhowal as Chak

Nanaki. Thus, he made Chak Nanaki as his headquarters.

Guru Teg Bahadur then turned his attention towards preaching. Guru Nanak had established Sikh Sangats in the north-eastern parts of India.

The links with those Sangats were intact, one way or the other. But the personal contact of the Guru was the need of the hour. After Guru Nanak, Guru Teg Bahadur proved to be the greatest traveller.

He took his mother, his wife, and some Sikhs with him and set out on his preaching mission.

He visited Mathura, Allahabad, Benaras, Gaya, Patna, Dhaka and even Assam. Patna is an important ancient city. The Guru left Mata Nanaki and his wife Mata Gujri there. Mata Gujri was pregnant.

So, the ladies, Kirpal, the brother of Mata Gujri and a few attendants were left behind to attend on her.

Raja Ram Singh of Amber was sent by

Aurangzeb against the Raja of Assam. He took Guru Teg Bahadur with him. The Guru restored peace between the two Rajas. The Raja of Assam, Chad Dhawaj, was very grateful to the Guru. He became his Sikh. He kept on his relations with Guru Gobind Singh. He presented him a white elephant and some rare weapons of war when he himself visited Anandpur after the martyrdom of Guru Teg Bahadur.

After securing peace between the two Rajas, the Guru returned to Dhaka in East Bengal. Dhaka is now the capital of Bangla Desh. Here he received the news of the birth of his son, the future Guru Gobind Singh. Guru Gobind Singh was born on December 26, 1666. After some time he reached Patna. There were great rejoicings. The Guru opened Langars and did other charitable acts. While rejoicings and festivities were going on at Patna, the disturbing and painful news came from the Punjab. The tyranny of the rulers had surpassed all limits there. The people were fear stricken. The Guru’s lesson was/Keep your mind free from fear. Let the fear of God reside in your heart. You should frighten none and fear none.”

But the sceptre of the cruel rule was having a naked dance. The Guru must be with the people to save them from their miserable plight. So, leaving his family at Patna, he hastened to Punjab to share the agony of the people.

Reaching Punjab, he travelled from village to village. He advised the people to be bold. They should uphold their faith even at the cost of their lives. They should fear God and none else. They should lead an honourable life upholding the dignity of their faith. Thus, he strived to embolden his people. He also preached the pious and virtuous doctrines of his religion.

Free from his preaching mission, he decided to attend to his family. Thus, he sent Sikhs to bring back, son, wife, mother and other members to Chak Nanaki. Gobind Rai was then a boy of six years. His father, Guru Teg Bahadur, was so much occupied and concerned with the plight of his people that after the period of six long years, he found time to call back his family. Gobind Rai and the family reached Chak Nanaki. There were rejoicings in the town To commemorate the arrival of Gobind Rai, the name of Chak Nanaki was changed into Anandpur.