At Khadur : Guru Angad Dev Ji

To avoid the impending conflict with Guru Nanak’s sons, Angad Dev went to Khadur, where he stayed in the house of a devotee.

Very close to his village lived a man called Shiv Nath. He was popularly known as Tapa.

He was very jealous of Guru Angad Dev’s popularity, since he wanted his villagers to acknowledge him as their Guru.

One year, a severe drought hit the village.

There was no rain, and the fields could not be ploughed. They started dying up. When the villagers could bear it no longer, they went to Tapa for advice. Tapa told the villagers that the Rain God was angry with them as they had stopped worshippping him. Instead, they had started worshipping an ordinary man, referring to Guru Angad Dev. He told the villagers to go to Angad Dev, and ask him to pray to the Rain God. And if his prayers failed to bring rain, then they should turn him out of the village.

The simple and superstitious villagers went to Angad Dev, and did as directed. When the Guru explained to them that no one except God could cause the rain, the people were very angry. However, Angad Dev left Khadur on his own.

At that time Amardas, who was to become the third Guru of the Sikhs, arrived at Khadur. He was very unhappy with what Tapa had done. He told the villagers that Tapa had fooled them. He also told them that wherever Tapa walked in the fields before the sun set, it would rain in those places.

The villagers then dragged Tapa from field to field. He was so exhausted by the afternoon that he fainted, and since there was no water to revive him, he consequently died.

When Guru Angad heard of Tapa’s death, he reprimanded Amardas. Amardas threw himself at the Guru’s feet, and humbly sought his pardon.