Acts of Miracle : Guru Amar Das JI

One such incident occured in a village not far from GoindwaL In that village lived a devout young Sikh named Prema, who was lame in one leg and walked with great difficulty. And yet, he was such a staunch devotee of Guru Amardas that, every morning, he would religiously carry a pot of milk for the Guru’s langar. He would use a crutch and walk all the way to Goindwal and back everyday, to serve the Guru. He would feel most satisfied and content after the daily routine.

One day, it had rained very heavily, and the road was slushy and slippery. Though it was dangerous for a person like him to go out in such a state, he still went without any hesitation. Picking up his pot, he began walking on his crutches towards Goindwal.

He slipped a few times but that did not deter him. Some of the villagers, who saw him slip, laughed at him and advised him to stay home that day. When he paid no heed to them, they began taunting him saying that if his Guru really had any divine power, he would have at least cured his devoted disciple of his disability. Though Prema was really hurt by their snide remarks on his beloved Guru, he remained silent and continued his journey.

Finally, he reached Goindwal and when he had deposited his pot at the langar, Guru Amardas called him to his side. He was aware of what the villagers had told Prema, and was pleased to see that the devotee had lived up to his teachings by not reacting angrily. He then asked Prema to go to a Muslim dervish known as Husain, who lived on the banks of the river Beas. He told him that Husain could cure his leg completely.

When Prema reached the dervish, the

Muslim saint got very angry. He said that he had no such power, and thought that this lame man was trying to make fun of him. In his anger, he picked up a stick and rose to hit Prema with it. Seeing his anger, the lame man immediately got up and ran for his life.

He had covered a good distance when he suddenly realised that he had left his crutches behind and was running on his own.

He was amazed at the miracle. He could not believe his eyes! He ran back to the dervish and, falling at this feet, told him everything.

When the Muslim saint saw the miracle with his own eyes, he realised the power of the Guru for the first time. Lifting Prema up by the shoulders, he told him that it was all Guru Amardas’s doing, and that his leg had been cured the minute the Guru sent him over to him.

The miracle was all the Guru’s work, but he had wanted the dervish to take the credit for it. From that day on, Husain became a devotee of Guru Amardas, while Prema dedicated his life to the service of his beloved Guru.

There is yet another incident in which Guru Amardas cured a leper named Mohan.

Mohan was born to a rich family but his parents suddenly died, leaving him in the care of his maternal uncle. He was taken good care of by his guardian but, unfortunately, his uncle too died within a short span of time.

Mohan was then put under the care of his paternal uncles who were very greedy and selfish. They took advantage of Mohan’s young age, and divided the vast property amongst themselves. They completely

neglected Mohan and finally, one day, threw him out of the house. Mohan had no choice but to beg on the streets to survive. In no time, the situation got so bad that he was struck with leprosy. Most of the time, he was in extreme pain and would often cry out in agony. He was frustrated with his life and wanted to end it.

Then, one day, he heard about Guru

Amardas. He was told that the Guru could cure all sorts of diseases, including leprosy, by bathing them in the holy tank at Goindwal.

When Mohan heard this, he badly wanted to meet the Guru and get cured by him. But because of his disease, no one was ready to take him to Goindwal.

One day, a cartman who was travelling in the same direction, took pity on him and agreed to take him along. When they reached the city, the cartman dropped the boy at the gate of the Guru’s house and left.

On the day of the healing bath, so many people had gathered around the Guru that it became impossible for Mohan to drag himself up to the tank. The crowd was so huge that he was sure that the Guru had not seen him at all. However, he did not lose hope and stood by the gates of the gurdwara, waiting for the moment when he could take a dip in the tank himself. In the meantime, he sat down to listen to the devotional hymns being sung during the prayers. He found them so beautiful that he started singing along in his sweet and melodious voice. When the Guru heard him sing, he sent for him. Seeing the boy afflicated with leprosy he bent down, and wrapped him in his own blanket. Then he gave him a bath with his own hands, cleaning him with the water from the holy tank. After a while, he ordered his disciples to remove the blanket from Mohan’s body. And when they did, they were as amazed as Mohan to see a clean and healthy body instead of the diseased one. Mohan fell at the Guru’s feet and began crying . The Guru lifted him gently and gave him his blessings.

In yet another incident, Guru Amardas used his miraculous powers to teach a proud brahmin a lesson in humility. The brahmin had come to Goindwal on a visit. When he saw the reverance and sanctity with which the people viewed the holy tank, he was very critical. He scoffed at their naivety and said that there was nothing as pure as their holy river Ganga.

When the Sikhs heard this, they were annoyed. They wished someone would teach the proud man a lesson. They finally, went up to Guru Amardas and requested him to do something about the arrogant brahmin.The Guru then invited the brahmin to take a bath in the holy tank and the man agreed. When he came to the tank, the Guru noticed that he had no jug of his own to take a bath with.

When he asked him about it, the brahmin casually remarked that he had lost his jug while bathing in the river Ganga. At this, Guru Amardas put his hand inside the water and pulled out his jug from inside the tank.

Seeing this, the brahmin was rendered speechless. He could not believe that the jug he had lost in such a far-off place could end up here. He knew that it was only the Guru’s power that had made this possible. He fell at the Guru’s feet and asked his forgiveness. The Guru forgave him and told him that a man’s body can become pure by bathing in holy water, but his mind can be purified only when he shakes off his vices. He asked the brahmin to be humble towards other men. He also told him that pride was the biggest vice of all, and if he truly wanted to serve God, he should shake away all pride and vanity from his being. The brahmin sought the Guru’s blessings, and left Goindwal a new man.

In another case, Guru Amardas resorted to miracles to teach a conceited devotee a lesson.

In the city of Lahore, there lived a rich merchant named Ganga Das or Gangu, as he was popularly known. It so happened that due to some mistake his business suffered, and he lost all his money in no time. Even his so-called friends deserted him. He was now poor and lonely. He was miserable and very depressed, and lost all interest in life. Then he heard about Guru Amardas and decided to go to Guru to seek peace, since his misfortune had affected him very badly. He reached Goindwal and headed towards the his house.

When he stopped to ask the way to Guru’s house, he was told that anyone who wished to meet the Guru would have to first stop by the langar and eat food with the others. Gangu decided to stop there and eat. But when he went inside, he was surprised to see people from all castes and religion eating there together, on the same table. Being from a rich family Gangu hesitated, at first, to eat the same food as the low caste people. But he recalled the Guru’s instructions and realised that if he had to meet the Guru, he would have to cast his prejudices aside and go by the rules of the Guru’s langar. He sat down and ate with all the others.

Soon after, the Guru called him inside and asked him the purpose of his visit. At this, Gangu fell at the Guru’s feet and narrated all the misfortune that had befallen him. He pleaded with the Guru to help him stand on his feet again. The Guru, after patiently listening to him, asked him to go back to Lahore, and start his business afresh. He assured him that he would succeed in his business yet again, and also regain his former prosperity. But the Guru also added that he should never let pride and conceit affect him in any way. He also suggested that as a thanksgiving to God, he should make it a point to help the poor and needy. Gangu took the Guru’s leave with renewed hope and went back to Delhi to start all over again. Soon his business started flourishing, and he-was richer than ever.

One day, a poor brahmin came from Delhi to meet the Guru. After paying his respects to the Guru, he. related his problem. He had a daughter whom he wanted to get married off.

But he had no money, and thus needed help.

The Guru then recalled the merchant from Lahore and immediately wrote a letter to him, asking him to help the poor man. He gave the letter to the poor man, and asked him to go and meet Gangu.

But Gangu had earned so much that he had become really proud and conceited. He had begun to feel that his success was because of his own hardwork and business sense, and not because of the Guru. And so, when the poor brahmin came to him with the letter, he refused to part with any money, and sent the poor man away with nothing.

When Guru Amardas heard of it, he gave the required amount of money to the poor man and gave his blessings for the marriage of his daughter. The brahmin touched the Guru’s feet and took his leave. On the other hand, Gangu’s business suddenly took a turn for the worse. Once again misfortunes fell upon him, and he was back on the streets with not a friend in the world. When he thought about where he had gone wrong, he recalled the Guru’s words and his recent behaviour with the poor brahmin. He immediately decided to go and apologise to the Guru for his behaviour.

But when he finally reached Goindwal, he felt so ashamed of himself that he could not go upto the Guru. So, he spent his days working hard at the Guru’s langar and serving the Guru’s Sikhs as best as he could. He also kept reciting the Guru’s hymns which gave him strength and peace of mind.

A few days later, he was taken by surprise when one of the Sikhs came up to him and said that the Guru had sent for him. Unable to believe his good fortune, he presented himself to the Guru in all humility. He fell at the Guru’s feet and begged his forgiveness.

Guru Amardas then told him that he had forgiven him the moment he had realised his mistake and reputed for his sins. He, then, presented Gangu with a dress and instructed him to go back to Lahore and live according to the rules of the Sikh traditions, sincerely and honestly.

Gangu then returned to his town and

remained a devoted Sikh till his dying day.

The conducting of miracles not looked upon favourably in Sikhism. Guru Amardas refrained from such acts, but incidence of supernatural happenings throw a light on the powers held by the Guru.